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    當建筑師埃米爾和陳需要修繕他們的特拉維夫公寓時,他們招募了室內設計師 Lital 和 Ilana。


    When architects Amir Navon and Chen Navon needed some help renovating their Tel Aviv apartment, they enlisted the talents of interior designers Lital Ophir and Ilana Bronfen. Located in a 1930’s Bauhaus building, the 97 square meter apartment is located in the heart of the city with beautiful city views that can be observed from a large balcony.


    It was important to the designers to keep the classic details of the building’s past while creating a modern look. Using carefully selected materials, like Carrera marble, safety-wired glass, steel, and herringbone wood floors, they give nod to its classic charm.


    Previous renovations left the apartment feeling dark and closed off, and with no real style. That was replaced with a mostly white, grey, and black color palette that was paired with moments of blue, green, and copper.


    They opened the apartment up and created a large communal living space that runs parallel to the balcony. With four access points to the outdoor space, daylight floods the interior now.


    A large green cube was designed for the kitchen to provide storage and it was placed as a freestanding unit to give the space a feeling of openness. The kitchen’s two-way island rests in the center, as does the dining room table and living room sofa, creating walkways between each to reach the balcony or bedrooms.


    The kids’ room can accommodate two children with its built-in bed.

    攝影師:Gidon Levin

    攝影工作室:181-Arcitecture Photography

    Photos by Gidon Levin, 181-Arcitecture Photography.