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    AND.G 石家莊概念店丨DAS Lab


    Homogeneity in Diversity & Emotional Symbiosis

    “誰都不是一座孤島,可以自成一體,每個人都是那廣袤大陸的一部分?!薄?約 翰·多恩

    ‘No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.’? —? John Donne

    物質在個體面前被其“符號化”,所產生的闡釋和篩選,是對對象個體力量在世界 實踐中的反饋。每個人既是現實的個體又作為社會的集合,持“己見”與這個世界 產生聯結。在有意識的行為實踐中,產生并行、對立、糅合、脫離等狀態,每個 個體都將在內化的運動軌跡中沉溺。

    Substances are “symbolized,” interpreted, and screened by individual, that reflects their feedback on practices in the world. Everyone is a part of the collective society and connects with the world, holding on his or her views. Conscious behaviors bring about the states of paralleling, opposition, merging and detachment, and immerse individuals into their internalized trajectories of movement.

    將空間整體視作各品牌用于集合的媒介,對其兼容并蓄的本質進行解析,試圖辯證事物內在矛盾所存在的共性。個體的群集效應以線性的方式聯結,構成抽象的、 扁平的網格化系統。通過這樣的系統,鼓勵鮮明的個體與獨立的品牌在其中各自 連接自我認同的話題,這便是 AND.G 希望由此探索并傳遞的。

    The whole space is regarded as a medium for brands to gather, we analyzed its essence — inclusiveness, trying to find out commonalities among contradictions. The cluster effect of individuals is realized in a linear manner to form an abstract and flat grid system. Through such a system, AND.G hopes to encourage distinctive individuals and independent brands to connect with their self-identity.

    在 AND.G 自我形態的構建過程中,“去中心化”在本案不僅是概念的表達更是一個真實的需求。鼓勵品牌以自我輸出為核心制造局部性放射,使品牌相互交集、滲 透,試圖制造模糊卻不會混淆的“邊界”。AND.G 自信于以多點覆面方式代替既定 動線,激發消費者以更直覺的行為方式與品牌開展更深度的對談。

    As conceiving the ideology of AND.G, “decentralization” is the presence of the concept yet a practical necessity. Brands are encouraged to radiate themselves while intersecting and penetrating each other, to create vague ‘boundaries’ of non-confusion. As opposed to adopting fixed circulation, AND.G links up the ‘points’ to form a ‘plane’ to inspire the customers to have an in-depth dialogue with brands out of intuition.

    重新審視材質作用于空間所產生的對比、融合、模糊、聚焦等影響,其目的不僅僅是為了追求視覺表現。更重要的是在此基礎上完成品牌與藝術的語言共通,創 造多元同質的情感語境,從而完成品牌對于大眾的自我宣言。

    The purpose of re-examining the effects of contrast, integration, vagueness, and concentration that materials generated in the space, is not merely to pursue visual performance, but more importantly, to further bridge brands with art through creating a diverse yet homogeneous emotional context to convey brand declaration to the public.

    Project Name:?AND.G Concept Store

    Project Location:?The Mixc, Shijiazhuang

    Interior & Installation design: DAS Lab (www.das-design.cn)

    Principal designer: Li Jingze

    Designer: Ivy Wu

    Owner: AND.G

    Key materials: Sandblasted stainless steel, Terrazzo, Blue glass, Diatom ooze, Volcano, Wood grain cement board

    Area: 180 m2

    Design period: 07/2019-09/2019

    Construction period: 10/2019-11/2019

    Photographer: Shao Feng

    Project description and drawings: DAS Lab




    空間與道具設計:DAS Lab (www.das-design.cn


    設計師: 吳芷儀


    主要用材:噴砂不銹鋼 (精鋼世家)、水磨石(寧波甬石匯)、藍色玻璃(一毅藝術玻璃) 、硅藻泥(威羅意大利進口藝術涂料) 、火山石(上海金塔迪建材有限公司) 、木紋水泥卷材(石愛石)

    室內面積:180 m2




    撰文及圖紙:DAS Lab