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    CASA LT濱海住宅,墨西哥 / MAIN OFFICE

    MAIN OFFICE是一家在墨西哥和瑞典都設有辦公室的建筑設計事務所。最近,他們擴建并修繕了一座藏在繁茂的墨西哥熱帶綠地中的住宅——CASA LT。CASA LT地處墨西哥西海岸的著名沖浪小城Sayulita,建筑居于海濱,和陡峭的地形渾然一體,窗外就是太平洋的壯麗美景。

    The Mexico and Sweden-based architectural practice MAIN OFFICE has recently expanded and restored CASA LT, an existing residential complex nestled in luxuriant tropical Mexican greenery. Located in Sayulita, a well-known surfers’ town on the West coast of Mexico, the building stands on the beachfront and blends smoothly into the steep and articulated topography, with a breathtaking view over the Pacific Ocean.?


    MAIN OFFICE精心將建筑融入寧靜的熱帶景觀中,建筑周圍盡是棕櫚樹,杏樹,芭蕉樹和蕨類植物,并且和地形完美結合,確保在建筑的任何位置,無論內外,都能清晰地看到海景。

    Carefully integrating architecture and the tranquil tropical landscape, CASA LT has been designed around the living palm and almond trees, plantains and fernsthat join the site’s topography in playing a key role in ensuring a clear view to the waterfront from all its spaces, both internal and external.

    ▼從建筑可以眺望廣闊海景,a clear view to the waterfront from the building

    原有建筑由山頂的三棟小房子組成,由于其建于50年代,年久失修,且所處環境濕度較高,因而現在整體狀況較差。MAIN OFFICE一開始先將重點放在原有建筑的翻新和保護上,之后才是新的主樓和面朝海灘的客房的設計。

    Composed of three small houses situated on the top of the hill, the original complex built in the 50’s was in poor condition due to humidity problems and lack of maintenance. MAIN OFFICE initially focused on the renovation and preservation of the original essence, and then on the design of a new?main building and a guest house facing the beach.

    ▼新建的面朝海灘的客房,guest house facing the beach

    ▼新建的主樓,new?main building

    MAIN OFFICE的聯合創始人Dante Borgo表示,這個項目的主要設計方向是重新詮釋原有建筑的設計參數,并保留基地內原有的“小型村莊”的形式。

    “The main idea of the project is to reinterpret the design parameters of the original complex and to keep the idea of a small-contained village within the site.”says Dante Borgo, MAIN OFFICE’sco-founder.

    MAIN OFFICE通過利用貼合地形,人行道和花園的混凝土平臺,將建筑各層連接起來。這樣一來,建筑內外空間的界限就不存在了。獨棟別墅帶有一個全景廚房,一個挨著超大泳池的開放式起居和用餐區,一個配有當地原產的手工混凝土浴缸的臥室,還有一個可以盡享海景的露臺。

    MAIN OFFICE connects the various levels through a series of concrete platforms that adapts to the topography, walkways and vibrant gardens.?The border between interior and exterior dissolves. The single-family house features a kitchen with a panoramic view, an open living and dining area linked to the infinity pool, a bedroom with handcrafted concrete bathtub built in-situ, and a terrace with a stunning ocean view.?

    ▼貼合地形的樓梯和混凝土平臺將建筑各層連接起來,the various levels were connected through a series of concrete platforms

    ▼海景露臺,terrace?with a stunning ocean view


    ▼開放式廚房,open kitchen


    Both the construction system and the materials employed have been derived from local resources. Cement blocks finished with white stucco shape the walls, while polished concrete enhances the architectural quality of floors and fixed furniture. For the warm interior furniture, closets, doors and window frames, indigenous Parota wood has been used for its resistance to humidity, to salinity in the air and to exposure to strong sunlight.


    ▼配有當地原產的手工混凝土浴缸的浴室,a bathroom with handcrafted concrete bathtub


    ▼透過窗戶望向浴室,bathroom through the window

    ▼軸測圖,axonometric drawing


    Project name:?CASA LT
    Location:Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico
    Architect:MAIN OFFICE (Sima Agisheva, Dante Borgo, Isabella Eriksson)
    Project team:Pablo Alemán, Montserrat Bucio, Brenda Cibrian, Rodrigo de la Torre, Luis Gordian, Manuel Guerrero
    Design phase:September 2016 – January 2017
    Construction phase:February 2017 – July 2018
    GFA:175 sqm, 219 sqm (renovation)
    Contractor:Terraza Construcciones, Sayulita (Mexico)
    Furniture design:MAIN OFFICE
    Photography:?Rafael Gamo

    More:?MAIN OFFICE?