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    With the blowing southwest monsoon, the noon-time sun at an altitude of 86°05’, to visit one of the few utopias in the world is a summer day in Hainan Island.

    在虛室生白的容納中,房間空冥,空氣中每個分子都飽含能量,光為物質注入靈魂。設計的靈魂在于最少的人力和機心,讓剩下的部分自然而然。 自然的質樸被收集、剪裁、拼貼與重構,變軌成靈性的作品,我們真正能夠做的只是借用與轉述,忘卻自身的存在感,作品才能面向觀者,獨立敘事。

    In the clear and bright accommodation, the room is both wide and quiet, where every molecule in the air is full of energy, and light injects soul into matter. The soul of design lies in the manpower minimization and ingenuity, allowing the rest to come naturally. The simplicity of nature is collected, cut, collaged and reconstructed, and transformed into spiritual works. All we can really do is borrowing and reporting, forgetting our own sense of existence, making the works face the viewer and narrate independently.


    We respect the environment and climate and make great art on the basis of local customs and practices. Designers are artists first, who have gone deep into life, and then they are translators who present the individual expression of materials in nature, as Louis Isadore Kahn said. ” Honor the material that you use”.

    超大臥室以強大的收納功能保證了空間的極端簡潔,棉麻類各色織物,略帶一絲特有的澀澀手感,在面料與指紋之間的流淌,細膩而顆粒度飽滿。 點綴的藝術品也以抽象為要,當代繪畫中,有當地黎族陶藝的粗樸氣質,黑白為要的洗練如同當地少數民族的紋面,少即是多地點睛之筆,透出些許野逸氣息。

    The super-large bedroom ensures the extreme simplicity of the space with its powerful storage function. While the cotton and linen fabrics of various colors, with a little bit of unique coarse hand feeling, flows between the fabrics and fingerprints, presenting the delicate texture and full granularity. The artworks used for decoration also take abstraction as the key. In contemporary paintings, there is the coarse and simple temperament of the local Li nationality ceramics, in which black and white are the key just like the facial tattoo of the local ethnic minorities. With the finishing touch of less is more, a little wild flavor are revealed.


    Coloring with the objects, following the terrain and making the best of things are the natural logic and a requirement of locality. The gauze curtain is like mist, and the filtered sunlight weakens the burning, leaving behind the smell of the sun and some green plants growing in the room. Thick flavor and taste are not suitable for the wild temperament with far-away hearts. Knowing this logic of life, one will know that the villa is a simple and common dress, and the life in it is naturally simple but tasty. Join hands with the same spirit, taste its fragrance carefully, listen to the sounds of nature, and resonate with nature at the same frequency, enjoying a smooth life.


    項 目 名 稱 丨中海海南神州半島別墅

    Project Name | China overseas Hainan Shenzhou Peninsula Villa

    項 目 地 點 丨海南萬寧

    Project Location | Wanning City, Hainan Province

    設 計 面 積 丨245㎡

    Design Area | 245 m2

    軟 裝 設 計 丨共向美學

    Soft Decoration Designer | Co-Direction Aesthetics

    項 目 攝 影 丨ingallery?

    Project Photography | ingallery ?


    Contact Information | 13534293007

    H R 聯系方式丨13530913506

    H R Contact Information | 13530913506

    項目造價 | 4300元/㎡

    Project Cost | RMB 4,300/?m2