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    ——HEYTEA LAB廈門萬象城店

    HEYTEA LAB at The MixC Xiamen

    — A space featuring a slanting aesthetic


    此間HEYTEA LAB地處廈門本島的核心商圈,開敞的復式結構給予MOC DESIGN充分的空間條件進行設計探索。他們結合場域本身的特質,創造出自下而上微微“傾斜”的空間儀式,來容納自由延展的城市生活與社交可能。

    Located in the commercial hub of Xiamen Island, the project is a flagship store of HEYTEA, China’s leading tea drink brand. Based on characteristics of the open two-storey architectural space, MOC DESIGN OFFICE created bottom-up oblique order within it, which accommodates various possibilities for urban life and socializing.


    The transparent space brings in ample daylight and reveals the slanting ceiling on 2F



    Dynamic surfaces


    The store is situated at the street corner, and is enclosed by two glass curtain walls which form a right angle. The transparent glass opens the interior to the outside and enhances its interaction with outdoor pedestrians.

    主入口 Main entrance


    The overall space features modern geometric forms, simple, austere materials and hues, as well as an ambience that combines spirit and artistic style. Large areas of interior surfaces are covered with concrete and gold stainless steel, which present strong contrast of textures. Black baked finish is applied to details, helping to strike a balance and add a modern touch to the space. Besides, gold stainless steel is extended to the staircase installation, which appears more flexible and dynamic under the soft light and becomes a visual highlight in the space.


    As looking from the entrance to the bar counter, a floating oblique wall on its side comes into view

    ▼ 被切割成細條的混凝土石板與金色不銹鋼構成界面的材質對比,黑色烤漆的茶葉陳列架和黑色細線吊桿作為裝飾細節帶來時尚度的平衡

    Linear Concrete panels and golden stainless steel form strong contrast of textures, while decorative details including tea display shelves coated in black baked finish and thin black hanging rods help to strike a balance and add a modern touch to the space

    ▼ 金色不銹鋼延續為樓梯裝置,成為立面景觀中的視覺亮點

    Gold stainless steel is extended to the staircase installation, which becomes a visual highlight in the space

    ▼ 樓梯細部 Staircase: details

    ▼ 從樓梯處看向二層 Looking upward to 2F from stairs



    Dialogue with the site


    In the original architectural space, all pipes were set on one side. And the space has height differences. In order to respond to site conditions and open the interior to the outside to the greatest extent, the designers made the ceiling and walls slightly slanting. Such a creative solution effectively solved site constraints and realized the value of design in an artistic way. Oblique blocks blend into the site in a low profile, showcase strength and a structural aesthetic, and form an identifying characteristic of the store.

    ▼ 軸測圖 Axonometric diagram

    ▼ 設計師因地制宜,將場地天花因管道原因造成的高差現狀轉換為具有力量感的空間結構 The designers responded to site conditions, and turned height differences caused by pipes into structures featuring a sense of strength

    ▼ 從高座區看向茶極客吧臺 ?

    Viewing Tea Geek Lab counter from high seating area

    ▼ 二層整體空間概覽 Overall view of 2F

    ▼ 插畫區細節 Illustration area: details


    打破對稱 ??

    Breaking with conventional symmetry


    With a series of oblique surfaces, the interior space has a dynamic appearance. It breaks with conventional symmetry, and shows a sense of tension. Spatial blocks are combined horizontally or interpenetrated in a slanting manner, which creates visual variations and marks off several distinctive seating areas.

    ▼ 結合場地本身局限,通過空間體塊的組構與穿插,將功能座位區隱藏于界面變化之中 Based on site constraints, spatial blocks are combined and interpenetrated to form seating areas full of variations

    ▼ 傾斜的空間結構在更大尺度上追求張力與動勢 Slanting spatial structures show a sense of tension and dynamic ?


    The geometric segmentation and combination of blocks create rich experiences, meet diverse spatial demands, and also fit into HEYTEA’s creative spirit. Structures, materials, the building and environment are harmonized into an organic whole — an urban destination that serves for the public.

    ▼ 平面圖 Plan

    項目名稱: HEYTEA LAB廈門萬象城店

    設計單位: MOC DESIGN OFFICE (www.moc-office.com )









    Project name: HEYTEA LAB at The MixC Xiamen
    Design company: MOC Design Office (www.moc-office.com)
    Chief designers: Liang Ningsen, Wu Xiuwei

    Design phase: September – October 2018

    Completion: December 2018
    Location: 1F, The MixC, Hubin East Road, Xiamen, China
    Area: 460㎡
    Main materials: precast cement board, gold stainless steel, KD unpainted wooden panel

    Client: HEYTEA

    Photography: ArchiTranslator