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    HOUSE B – STUTTGART 建筑B―斯圖加特/Yonder – Architektur und Design


    The frequently refurbished 1950s building was to be rebuilt for a well-known, Stuttgart-based family of architects.


    In an effort to work sustainably, the existing building is beeing preserved as much as possible.


    The reconstruction more clearly organizes space, better frames the site’s breathtaking views and ensures the buildings accessibility despite being constructed on a site with an extreme slope.


    The building’s open interior has a continuous flow accented by unique architec-tural spaces and carefully positioned windows.


    Most importantly, this construction strives to be Energy-Plus and could, in the future, deliver excess energy to the greater power grid.

    地熱也可以供暖 ,還有很炫酷的地板和天花板。還有可以提供電的屋頂能夠促進電量的持續。

    Geothermal wells are used to heat and cool ceilings and floors. Photovoltaic shingles clad the roof and electric filling stations facilitate the use of e-mobility.