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    ILERNA ONLINE 辦公空間設計/Alfred García Gotós

    室內設計 辦公室


    建筑工作室:Alfred García Gotós/Plaza Sant Joan 16, 4p/25007 Lleida

    攝影師:Fernando Alda

    Location: Lleida/Catalunya/Spain.

    Studio: Alfred García Gotós

    Plaza Sant Joan 16, 4p

    25007 Lleida

    Photographer: Fernando Alda


    The project consisted in the renovation of old military headquarters built in the middle of the 20th century in Turo de Gardeny in Lleida, the area to be worked on consisted in three floors with some 600 m2 floor, with a clear rationalistic disposition of pillars and structure related to the military period.

    現將其打造為全新的建筑理念建筑,為ILERNA ONLINE打造出全新的,專業運作辦公空間。

    The project consisted in the preparation and creation of a new corporate image, in relation to the interior space, in order to be able to provide a location for ILERNA ONLINE professional training offices.


    From the start of the project we decided to leave certain features as the scars of the original military building.


    Stairwell heights or reinforced concrete floors, the little that remained after partial work had taken place.


    We therefore, started with the combination of three unique materials, white wood, wood for ceilings and grey floor tiles.


    We used 3×3 white slats, which embraced the whole area and illuminated spaces both on the west and south side, which bathed the offices and central corridors in light, plus created different textures of changing shadows.


    This white connection resolved two important aspects of the project, one the acoustics in the areas of movement, and two, it unified and gave us contrasting rhythms and readings on each floor, while replicating the areas concerned with similar levels on each floor and throughout the project itself.


    We decided to leave the stairwell perimeter floors exposed, to save the 4.50 m in height and hide the zenithal lighting, and therefore, help the volume of the stairs distribution area stand out, and at the same time lowered the ceilings for increased proportional.


    visual and acoustic comfort with 2.50 in common areas and circulation areas, avoiding purely office type materials and preferring domestic ones, as well as looking for a dialogue between more friendly materials, and the transfer of increased friendliness, comfort and visual warmth to the workplace.

    我們希望打造出最大程度的視覺深度感,而不僅僅局限于樓層的透視圖,但同時我們保留下了原始的建筑結構,采用玻璃材質, 從本質上為區域提供了視覺深度感,而不僅僅是將其轉換為簡單的封閉式的工作空間。

    When it came to the distribution of space we also wanted to provide the maximum visual depth to all floors, and not constrain the perspectives of these floors, but to also be able to understand the dimensional volume of the original building using the glass spaces strategically located, in essence providing the area with visual depth and not converting it into simple airtight work spaces.


    To transfer a domestic project in textures and in simplicity of forms, while working as simply as possible.

    MORE:?Alfred García Gotós