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    圖片來源:Jakub Skokan, Martin T?ma / BoysPlayNice

    合伙人:Klára ??mová?, Václav Dvo?ák

    客戶:Jano?ík / window and door design and manufacture?

    窗口設計:Zdeněk Fránek, Maxim Vel?ovsky, Jakub Jano?ík

    Jano?ík 產品陳列室:


    燈光:Bomma, Lasvit



    Jano?ík 給我們留下印象的推銷方式就是他們公司的視覺特征和廣告里的最新產品,并接受了在布拉格改造他們餐廳的邀請。它位于第一共和國時期(1918年至1939年)一幢公寓的一樓;這些房間進行了多次翻修,并多次更換房客。實際上,它所所展示的其實是許多石膏板以及20世紀90年代的格子天花板和各種形狀和顏色的地磚。

    The way the Jano?ík Company promote themselves, be it their visual identity or advertising new products, made such an impression on us that we immediately accepted the offer to remodel their showroom in Prague. It is located on the ground floor of a block of flats from the period of the First Republic (1918–1939); The rooms had undergone a number of renovations and had changed tenants many times. And it REALLY showed. Lots of plasterboard, a grid ceiling from the 1990s and floor tiles of all shapes and colours.

    一開始我們會見了負責改造的Jakub Jano?ik,我們強調了我們的主要宗旨:通過房子最初的結構來消除所有的額外層和限制樣本展示的數量。我們不希望它只是一個滿是窗戶的房間——我們想把它變得更加樸素一些。

    At the beginning we met with Jakub Jano?ík, who was in charge of the renovation, and we laid out the main objectives: to get to the original structure of the house by removing all the extra layers and to limit the number of samples on display. We did not want it to be just a room full of windows – we wanted to change it into something more homely.


    And it turned out pretty well. We uncovered the original concrete slabs supporting the ceiling and, hiding under the floor tiles, we found the original terazzo. Parts of the original parquetry were beyond repair and had to be replaced with new floor boards.


    Now, the entire showroom looks much cleaner and better-arranged. The light shades of the interior help the windows on display to stand out.


    Jakub’s wish was to stick to Czech design with the furnishing as well. The chairs are genuine TON, the lights are Bomma or Lasvit, the flowers from the Plevel flower shop sit in vases from the Dechem Design Studio. We are happy to say there is a lot to choose from! We are even happier there are Czech companies that care about the places they invite their customers to.

    在懸浮窗背后的空間,由設計師Klára??mová安裝。傳統的Moravian Wallachian木制鴿子代表歷史和工藝,將瓦拉幾亞的氣氛和現象帶到布拉格展示區。在窗戶被做成的區域,用彩色的燈光來裝飾。

    In the space behind the Levitation window, there is an installation by the designer Klára ??mová. The traditional Moravian Wallachian wooden dove represents history and craftsmanship, bringing the ambiance and the phenomenon of Wallachia to the Prague showroom. This simple greeting form the region the windows are being made in is underlined with a play of colourful lights.