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    住宅 建筑 室內設計



    Design:?MAY 2016

    End of Construction:?OCTOBER 2017

    房屋建筑臨近 Jardins,這里有多個獨立的家庭式建筑,綠色植被環繞,此處同時被列為自然遺產保護名錄中。房屋占地550平方米,分為兩層,地面層和樓上一層處。

    Located in an area of neighborhoods called Jardins, with single-family houses and green areas listed as heritage, this house has 550m2 of built area divided into two levels, the ground and upper floors.


    The original land had a four-meter slope height in relation to the level of the street. Thus, on the ground floor we have lodged garage, storehouses, technical facilities, part of services, servants’ quarters with pantry, and accesses through internal and external staircases.


    The upper floor has been installed on the highest part of the existing slope and cantilevers over the ground floor, which is just above street level.


    On the upper floor, the program was organized around a central courtyard, whose U-shape plan is articulated by a circulation, with powder room, internal staircase, kitchen and pantry, an intimate room, and by two wings parallel to the external road.


    The wing closer to the street houses a great lounge with living and dining areas, home theater and balconies. In the back wing we have a sequence of four suites, the last being a master suite.


    The construction, of exposed reinforced concrete cast by wood slats, has components in outstanding materials such as steel, wood and glass.


    The floor, of levigate travertine Roman marble in the internal ambiances was also used in the external area, and the absence of unevenness has enhanced the continuity between exterior and interior (there is a system of rainwater capture built into the stones).


    One of the design highlights are the brises of the master suite, which function either as sunshades (modulating the entrance of light until total closure), or as opening doors.


    This residence was conceived to promote personal renewal and well being, through spaces where landscape and architecture meet to replenish and invigorate the spirit.


    Thus, the central courtyard has a contemplative vertical garden, trees with a small grassy area, and an overflowing swimming pool to promote a sense of water mirror that reflects this garden.


    This courtyard, together with the large sliding glass doorways of the two wings, and the twelve pivotal glass doors of the front facade, allow residents to have direct contact with the exterior and its green area.

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