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    相逢在林海云巔/Kumar La Noce

    住宅 室內設計


    建筑公司:Kumar La Noce

    地址:印度? 喀拉拉邦? ?Thekkady



    首席建筑師:Bhavana Kumar, Nicola La Noce

    建筑結構顧問:Manjunath & Co


    照片:Vivek Muthuramalingam?, Kumar La Noce, Salim Pushpanath?

    Project name: Cardamom Club

    Architect’s Firm: Kumar La Noce

    Project location: Thekkady, Kerala, India

    Completion Year: 2017

    Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 500 sqm

    Lead Architects:? Bhavana Kumar, Nicola La Noce

    Structural Consultant : Manjunath & Co

    Landscape Consultant : Earthline Consultants

    Photo credits: Vivek Muthuramalingam , Kumar La Noce, Salim Pushpanath


    Set a midst expansive Cardamom plantations on steep terrain area in Thekkady, Kerala, a set of cabins have been designed to nestle within a sea of green.


    Responding to a brief for a boutique resort, the project includes five independent cabins, an outdoor pool with adjacent stepped decks and a spa block divided into three interconnected volumes all raised on stilts.


    The 40 sq.m cabins feature floor to ceiling wood framed openings that are composed and designed to enhance the impact of the dramatic views while ensuring privacy between the units.


    The cabins open out to generous decks to embrace and experience the feeling of belonging to the surrounding plantation.


    The structures are envisioned as light and elegant floating volumes in order not to disturb the natural harmony.


    They are crafted primarily out of rich reddish hardwood sourced from sustainably managed plantations.


    Inspiration comes from quaint shops and structures dotting the plantation landscape surrounding the property, which feature framed glass enclosures and simple wooden furnishing.


    The interiors are minimal and yet sophisticated, keeping the focus on the dramatic setting.


    Hand crafted teak wood and rattan furniture and rice paper light fixtures complement the rich wood panelled surfaces.


    The ensuite bathroom is compact and raw, with locally sourced black granite counters and a shower area featuring a ‘porthole’ window framing the views beyond.


    The overall design has been an exercise in balancing luxury and elegance with quietness and restraint.

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