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    立陶宛公寓/Kristina Lastauskait?-Pund?

    公寓 室內設計

    感謝來自Kristina Lastauskait?-Pund?的分享


    作者:Kristina Lastauskait?-Pund?





    Category: Private interior

    Author: Kristina Lastauskait?-Pund?

    Address: Lithuania, Vilnius old-town

    Realization year: 2017

    Area: 110 sq.m

    Photography author: Leonas Garba?auskas? (garbacauskas@gmail.com)


    The apartment is occupied by family with two children. The main task was to adopt apartment for comfortable modern living, to create more space for storing saving authenticity.


    It is a two bedroom 113 sq.m apartment, in the center is located kitchen-dining room area and livingroom, in oposite furthest corners – two bedroom and two small bathroom. When working on the interior, it was important to preserve the most beautiful old apartment heritage and adapt to modern comfortable living.


    In order to achieve this, had to adjust to the old-style type of space – to plan a comfortable movement in space and somewhere to separate the spaces? by multifunctional furniture-walls, which formed convenient routes/logistics of movement and became the main interior accent, and also has an extra storage. Old preserved ceiling niches were exhausted for main lighting.


    The interior is built on the principle of contrast – the mix of old and modern styles, a calm color palette cozy merges into interior and gives more traditional background, while other interior elements are designed in a moder way, giving its own sofisticated look.


    The apartment is located in a 19th century building, at the beginning of work the old building was fully reconstructed? and rebuilt buy the builder companies.?We were lucky to find covered? old niche in the wall during reconstruction process that we could use for engineering equipment. It is preserved old ceiling with uncovered authentic fresco fragments, one in the living area, and other small in the bedroom if you noticed.


    The color and material palette echos the same old – new contrast, such time-tested materials as natural oak? veneer, natural wood, old style part of wall painting as in children space, – this is the background that represents old times, gold in modern furniture is a modern new material –? it represents nowadays, modern living, slightly refreshes, warms up and softly contrasts pastel color palette, and it is obvious from the firs steps when you enter apartment that it is nowadays living space, though you never forget you are in an old historic building.

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