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    葡萄牙 Portugal house/Jo?oVieira de Campos

    住宅 室內 建筑

    感謝來自Jo?oVieira de Campos的分享

    作者:Jo?oVieira de Campos,Arq

    攝影師:Nelson Garrido?/ NGPHOTO.COM.PT


    Author: Jo?o Vieira de Campos, Arq.

    Photographer: Nelson Garrido / NGPHOTO.COM.PT

    Local: Serralves, Porto, Portugal


    The project presents a single-family home divided in two separate volumes – main house and external supporting facilities – arranged in order to confer a rational balance to the diversity of uses to the surrounding outside spaces.


    The house has two floors. The ground floor has a garage for two cars, a kitchen and a living room with a small home office. The 1st floor has four bedrooms, toilets and a laundry room.


    The exterior spaces are divided into two groups; access to the main house – gray entretons – and garden spaces which have direct relation to the living room, kitchen and balcony of the rooms.


    The refined texture of the concrete in the walls and exterior ceilings, metals and glass are the main constructive elements.




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