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    澀谷公寓201,202/Hiroyuki Ogawa Architects Inc

    公寓 室內設計 日本

    感謝來自Hiroyuki Ogawa Architects Inc的分享

    地址:日本 東京 澀谷區

    設計師:Hiroyuki Ogawa Architects Inc



    圖片:Kaku Ohtaki

    Location:Shibuya Tokyo Japan

    Designer:Hiroyuki Ogawa Architects Inc


    Floor area:61 ㎡ (each)

    Photo:Kaku Ohtaki

    我們整修了位于東京? 澀谷區的公寓,將其改造為可供游客休息的建筑空間。

    We renovated our apartment building in Shibuya, Tokyo for vacation rental services such as AirBnB.


    We designed this space so that it will be a clean, quiet place for rest, opposite from the feeling of the city its located in and for tourists who will be enjoying all the excitement of Shibuya, one of the most cutting-edge downtown areas in Asia.



    Because a vacation rental involves guests staying longer than in a traditional hotel, the kitchen and other such areas are equipped with the same facilities one would find in a regular home ine line with our guests’ requests.


    However, the white table suspended from the ceiling creates a sense of floating mystery in the space, and the benches carved into the walls like a cave provide a sense of calm and relaxation.


    Our goal in this design is to provide such special elements in order to increase the excitement and enjoyment for our guests and to let them experience things they never would in a normal home.



    The entire room is designed to be a quiet space like a cave by finishing the walls and ceilings in a dark-colored plaster.


    The raised floor one step up from the main floor has been covered with a soft, plump carpet to be a comfortable resting space.


    Neon lights are mounted on the walls, reminding guests of the exciting experiences they will have in the city of Shibuya.

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