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    田園風格的公寓設計/Y?DEZEEN studio

    室內設計 公寓 住宅

    地址:格魯吉亞? ?第比利斯




    建筑團隊:Artem Zverev, Artur Sharf, Anna Tarabanova, Polina Soloviova

    攝影師:Shurpenkov Andrii


    Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

    S – 161,51 sq m

    Project Year: 2017

    Architects: Y?DEZEEN studio

    Team: Artem Zverev, Artur Sharf, Anna Tarabanova, Polina Soloviova

    Photographs: Shurpenkov Andrii

    Client: private apartment


    Tbilisi is a magnificent city surrounded with mountains overlooking the river Kura.The local environment with its nature has strongly influenced us when developing interiors, where we widely applied elements related to rustic style.


    The contemporary Rustic style has come into popularity the last few years because it combines two of people’s favorite things: the simplicity of country charm with modern aesthetic.


    All this factors predetermined the wide use of natural unfinished materials. In this project we used old bricks that have been found in Tbilisi. We take those antique bricks, clean them up and applied to the project. These bricks offer a softer mellow tone of age along with irregular edges.


    Architects gained free-space plan and good proportions that easily and logical divided in two zones – inviting living-dining-kitchen space and private part, where have been placed guest bathroom, master bedroom with bathroom, terrace and wardrobes.


    Public zone is created by dramatic combination of living, dining, and kitchen areas. Open concept allows natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows insolate every corner of the space.


    The entertaining areas utilize eye-catching materials, from oak flooring to rustic furniture, metal and concrete surfaces, that artfully united with sophisticated and quite palette.


    In private area designers embodied the idea of effective combination of comfort, coziness and functionality.


    Residence was completely furnished with furniture made of solid wood, that was also used as a major flooring material.The furniture composition including pieces of classic shapes contrasts with shabby brick walls performing as a background.


    We have added a glamourous touch to the atmosphere by applying glance surfaces like partitions between bedroom and WC, kitchen facades.


    In fact, the entire interior represents an idea of balanced mixture of brutal and exquisite elements under ‘one roof’.

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