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    現代與溫情的微妙平衡/APPAREIL architecture

    室內設計 住宅


    來自ETABLI 的桌椅:?BISTRO collection, design by DIKINI

    來自 ETABLI 的工具:NORD collection, design by éveline Simard

    來自Coop ETABLI 的計劃表:INGRéDIENT收集,SSSVLL工作室設計

    攝影師:Félix Michaud

    Lamp master: Hamster

    Chairs and tables from Coop ETABLI : BISTRO collection, design by DIKINI

    Stools from Coop ETABLI : NORD collection, design by éveline Simard

    Tables from Coop ETABLI : INGRéDIENT collection, design by Studio SSSVLL

    Photography: Félix Michaud

    APPAREIL建筑接受了在一個特別狹窄四層樓建筑內建造一個居住空間的挑戰。這個位于羅斯蒙特- la Petite-Patrie的前三層公寓被改造成一個適合年輕家庭需要的功能住宅。所有這一切都歸屬于年輕的蒙特利爾公司的名下。

    APPAREIL architecture has taken up the challenge of building a living space across four floors inside a particularly narrow and deep building. This former triplex located in Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie was transformed into a functional residence adapted to the needs of a young family. All under the refined and northern signature of the young Montreal-based firm.


    Collaborative work was carried out between the firm and the young owners. As soon as they purchased the triplex, the couple already saw the space’s potential for transformation into a single-family home. They contacted APPAREIL architecture to provide them with the help they needed. A major transformation of the interior space was necessary, as well as maintenance work on the external facade.


    From the start, the mandate was very clear. The owners wanted to revisit the living spaces to optimize space, maximize storage, increase influx of light and bring a maximum of warmth and conviviality to their future living environment. They dreamt of a charming and adequate space in which to watch their two young children grow.


    The great challenge of interior design was to maximize each level’s potential. In order to maximize natural light, living spaces were concentrated in the center of the building. Thus, light is more present in the kitchen, the dining room and the living room. To optimize the link between each of these rooms, that are organized on two levels, the team imagined a large opening between the ground floor and the first floor, resulting in a dynamic and user-friendly layout.

    后面立面上的寬敞的開口擴大了明亮的效果,并通過與外部的開放邊界加強了與花園的緊密聯系。在家具和照明方面,這個團隊與當地的手工藝人合作。室內設計是由Quebecois設計師和制造商設計的家具,Coop ETABLI的成員設計的。至于燈具,公司與HAMSTER 一起設計了浴室、廚房和餐廳的燈具。

    The addition of generous openings in the rear facade amplifies the luminous effect and reinforces the close connection with the garden by opening borders with the outside. In terms of furniture and lighting, the team worked with various local craftsmen. The interior design was complemented by the integration of furniture designed by Quebecois designers and manufacturers, members of Coop ETABLI. As for the light fixtures, the firm worked with HAMSTER to design the lamps in the bathroom, the kitchen and the dining room.

    我們把一個小的三居室改造成一個家庭住宅,以適合四口之家。我們的項目對蒙特利爾來說有點不尋常:一個狹窄幾乎是垂直的房屋。他給我們提出了許多有創意的建議突出了這些特點。我們已經參與了轉型的各個階段,而且APPAREIL 已經很好地指導并給我們提出了建議,當然避免了一些錯誤。但最重要的是,我們喜歡這樣的結果:一個非常明亮、干凈、功能強大的房子,所有東西都有它的位置,每個人都有它的空間?!?/p>

    “We transformed a small triplex into a single family house to suit a family of four. Our project was a bit unusual for Montreal: a narrow house, all vertical. APPAREIL made us many creative proposals that have highlighted these characteristics. We have been very involved in all stages of the transformation and APPAREIL has guided and advised us well, certainly avoiding several errors. But above all, we love the result: a very luminous, clean and highly functional house, where everything has its place, and everyone, its space.”

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